This year marks the 5th annual Shimanto Ashizuri Zero Limits Bicycle Ride. This year, the starting and finish line was set at the Sukumo City Sporting Park. The Shimanto Long Course is a challenge even for experienced bicyclists. It’s 156.5 km long, with a beautiful view of the clear Shimanto River. For the first time, the “Ashizuri Course” will go through the Mihara Village- cyclists will travel through forest roads and traverse the coastline across Tozashimizu City and Otsuki Town. For the first time ever participants will travel across the Kashi west coast, so even cyclists who have attended several times before will have something new and surprising to look forward to. As the name suggests, this “Zero Limit Ride” is 108.7 km long at the shortest, and even the medium distance spans an entire 136.5 km (if cyclists decide to aim for Ashizuri Cape). The medium course is particularly difficult- filled with sharp slopes and high hills along the Ashizuri skyline, this course is off limits to beginner cyclists.
*This event is not a race, but a course to explore your own limits as a bicyclist, and the natural beauty of Shimanto and Ashizuri in early spring.
●Main Venue Suumo City Sports Park (Yoshina 4024, Yamana-cho, Sukumo City, Kochi Prefecture)
●Organized by the Shimanto Ashizuri Zero Limits Ride Executive Committee
●Tournament Home Page
●Participant Limit: Around 800
●Click here to sign up! →
●Contact our event office at (+81) 088-846-6703


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