The Wakayama 2016 Food Festival was filled with over 60,000 customers. At the main event the Wakayama Gurume Battle of Rice, Kyuka Village Kada Uzumi's dish "Kada Uzumi" was chosen as the 2016 Wakayama dish of the year. [Store] Kyuka Village Kada Uzumi [Price] 1,000 yen (tax included) (served from 11:30 AM ~ 2:00 PM, last orders at 1:30 PM)  
[Kada Uzumi] This restaurant serves traditional food from the Southern area of Wakayama Prefecture. It began as an effort to promote frugality, mixing cheap ingredients (like clams) with rice. With Kada's take on this traditional food, he's arranged a variety of seafood in a new, fresh style. It's a style of cooking filled with history and local style. The dish seems simple at first, but as the flavours grow deeper and nuanced as you continue eating it, and if you add fried seabream it tastes even better!

[Location] Fukyama 483 Wakayama City Wakayama Prefecture
[TEL] 073-459-0321