Even in Okinawa where not even the early morning is cold, there's a feeling of New Years in the air, and town illuminations spread a Christmas glow through the streets. In Uruma City's Ishikawa Area, the workers at "Puttei Fule" are busy with Christmas preparations. Let's take a look at what they're doing...

They're making Christmas cakes! They've just finished preparing the last sponge cake, cutting it into three horizontal slices for one of their three three tiered cakes.

A sweet fruity smell fills the air, as the bakers cut and prepare the decorative strawberry.

The classic decorative white cream look like piles of snow upon the soft cake.
The bakers work layer by layer, sandwiching the soft cream and fresh strawberries between slices of sponge cake.
Keeping a steady hand, the bakers narrow their eyes in concentration as they carefully spread an even cream coating over the cake.
Next, they decorate the cake with strawberries and powdered sugar to represent snow.

For the final touch, they add a cute Santa figure. What stands before them is the one and only "Fresh-Cream Cake", a classic Christmas cake in Japan.

The interior of the shop is filled with an array of sweet smells- there are so many Christmas cookies that it takes your eyes a few minutes before they finally settle on the Christmas Cakes in the showcase.

If you're going to eat cake, don't forget about their "manjuu" cake, made with local Uruma City Ingredients. The Uruma "Rizoukin" is made with Miyagi "Nuchimasuu" Salt and Uruma City's famous golden potatoes. It's a sweet you absolutely need to try at least once. For all of you "hangry" travelers out there, there's no need to worry! You can eat your cake as soon as you buy it, in the bakery's stylish cafe area.

The eat-in are is prepared with homemade bread and a drink bar. Here, auto mere can enjoy tea time in style. Once again, the cafe seats were completely full! This bakery is a popular lunch spot amongst locals, who relax and take their time eating and chatting.

By 2015 (30 years after its inception) Puttei Fulle had expanded to three store locations within Uruma City, and it's considered by many to be THE bakery to buy cakes from. As the day progresses, customer after customer enters the store. Perhaps the most wonderful aspect of the shop is the employees -- despite the rush of customers, employees greet everyone with a smile.

They've made the front entrance into a small ramp, so that customers in wheel chairs can enter with ease. Here, the shops warm atmosphere and delicious food will comfort both your heart and stomach.

Bread and Sweets Bakery Puttei Fulle Ishikawa Branch

Address/Uruma City Ishikawa Higashiyama1-22-20
Buisness Hours/9:00 AM ~ 9:00 PM
Holidays /None


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