The Itakiso Shrine honours the god of trees Itakerumitoko, who appears in the Japan Shoki (one of Japan's oldest pieces of writing). Itakerumitoko is said to be the god who planted trees throughout Japan and made the country's soil rich. He eventually settled in Wakayama Prefecture, which was first named "Country of Trees" (kiinokuni) in his honour, then eventually "Kikuni." It's written in the Japanese Koji that Itakerumitoko saved one of the great gods life (Ohokuninushinokami), so he's now known as the "God of Life," and visitors come to the shrine to pray for health and protection against sickness.

[Location] Itakiso 558 Wakayama City
[Telephone] 073-478-0006
[Access] A three minute walk away from the Wakayama Electric Steel Kishigawa Line "Itakiso Station"