The Ashimori Shrine was built over 900 years ago, and today receives many visitors from all across Japan hoping for a cure to their foot related injuries or illnesses. The shrine is also popular amongst athletes, and inside the temple grounds are decorated with statues of traditional sandals. Long ago a man named Jounin Kakuban made a pilgrimate to this area, and when he saw that the villagers were suffering because of a seasonal drought with no irrigation system. The construction was difficult however, and several workers injured their feet in the process. In return, Jounin ordered the Daimei shrine dedicated to the God of feet be moved to the village, after which the workers feet mysteriously healed.

[Loication] Wakayama City Komakura 343
[Contact us at : 073-478-2635
[Access] 20 minute walk from the Wakayama Kotetsu Shikata Line station "Yama Santo Station"


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