During the period of April - June 2017, Tochigi prefecture will run a ""JR pre-destination promotional campaign"".

In conjunction with this campaign, Nasu Shiobara will hold ""Strawberries and Milk Festival"". About 50 cafes, restaurants and lodgings of the area will offer their original, delicious creations using strawberries and dairy products.

Nasu Shiobara take pride in their dairy production, the leader of Honshu. Sales of strawberries in Tochigi prefecture is the highest of the country. Strawberries and Milk are both truly the fortè of this locality.

Visitors are in for a special treat when greeted by arrays of sweet creations, such as pancakes, puddings, drinks, ice creams and panna cottas just to name a few, all featuring scrumptious, fresh strawberries and dairy products.

Festival will be held from April 1 until June 30.

Featured ingredients:
1. Dairy products of Nasu Shiobara
2. Strawberries of Tochigi prefecture

Where: various cafes, restaurants and lodgings of Nasu Shiobara

Specially printed pamphlets are printed and distributed, visit your favorite shops and try as many treats as you can!


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