Kurokibi is a special product of Sukumo. A true delicacy made with carefully selected ingredients, local silver-stripe round herrings are delicately cooked in sweet soy sauce (a method called ""tsukudani""), with a touch of fragrant Japanese pepper. It makes a delicious filling for onigiri rice balls.

-Ingredient 1: Rare silver-stripe round herring
Silver-stripe round herrings are found in Kyushu and western part of Shikoku, a smaller species of herring, just about 10cm (4in.) long. They can be served in various ways, sashimi, or fried or dried. Soft bones and pleasant flavor make them special. For Kurokibi, young fish are used, however the fish population is declining in recent years.

-Ingredient 2: safely cultivated Sansho, or Japanese pepper
Hamada, the manufacturers of Kurokibi have searched out the perfect sansho fruit to spice up their delicacy. Sansho of Niyodogawa, Kochi prefecture, used for Kurokibi is safely cultivated without any pesticide. No artificial additives are used for Kurokibi, making it a perfectly safe product.

-Ingredient 3: Naoshichi, extremely rare citrus fruit
Naoshichi, rare type of citrus fruit is only found in Sukumo neighborhood in Kochi prefecture, they are called ""Phantom mandarins"". Their production is strictly controlled. Naoshichi has a distinct, well balanced flavor, pleasantly bitter and tart, yet sweet. They are high in demand.

With such exclusive ingredients, Kurokibis are carefully, lovingly produced. They are perfect accompaniment of rice. You can also add them to raw rice and then cook them together. The flavor of Kibinago blends perfectly into rice, it's a delicious way to enjoy this product.
Take some Kurokibi with you and enjoy them at home!


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