We now present to you the perfect solution to those winter blues- how about taking a cozy "soup walk" around Uruma City? First, after crossing the Kaichu Road towards Henza Island, head towards the "Ajike" seafood restaurant facing the island's port.

This restaurant has made a name for itself, using the location's natural resources to create fresh sea food that has garnered devoted customers amongst locals and tourists alike. This shops selling point is it's fresh fish, bought from the market right next door. Fish caught, sold and cooked right by the sea- it's the freshest sea food you'll ever taste.

Now, onto the products themselves. Our first item is their cup of fish soup, filled with so much fresh fish it almost overflows from the saucer. Just one sip will bring a smile to your face, and the savory imami flavour will relax your entire body. To top it all off, these hand cooked meals are made with much love and care, adjusting the miso used to cook the fish daily to suit the day's catch.

Their black, classic Okinawan "squid soup" is made with ink from freshly caught squid to give it a rich, fully body flavour.

The squid ink is carefully prepared from pretreated squid, and packed with umami flavour from the pork soup stock. It's said that drinking squid soup will strengthen your body when it's weak. Think of it as a treat to your body after all of the stress and mayhem of the winter holidays.

Continuing on, cross the Hamahiga Bridge towards Hamahiga Island. There lies a warm, comfortable restaurant named "Teirabui", refurbished from an old, local house.

Their famous home-style Okinawan cooking "Nakami Soup" is a clear, fresh soup made from dried pig organs, shiitake mushrooms, and konyaku. It's a popular food item for New Years, Obon and all Okinawan celebrations. In order to soften the organs, the staff marinate them in ginger and sake for several hours. The strong ginger has the added effect of warming your body from the inside out.

Why not give yourselves a fun, healthy new years resolution and try all of the spectacular soups Uruma has to offer.

Seafood Restaurant Ajike
Location / Uruma City Yonashirohennza 9396-6
Telephone / 098-977-7783
Buisness Hours / 10:00 AM ~ 8:00 PM
Closed Mondays and New Years Day.
Take a look at our map at→ https://goo.gl/maps/dJKubPiM8px

Homestyle Restaurant Teirabui
Location/ Uruma City Katsurenhama 56
Telephone / 098-977-7688
Buisness Hours / 11:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM
Closed on Tuesdays, the fourth Wednesday of every month, and New Years Day.
Take a look at our map →https://goo.gl/maps/UdKJiwsGR2D2


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