This is the 17th year for Ureshino Onsen's ""Attaka Festival"" (warmth festival), which is becoming a true tradition of the winter of Ureshino. The city center will be lit up with beautiful illumination, as if to drive away the severe cold of the winter.
This year's theme is ""Nocturnal Art Gallery"", and its main exhibit is the sleeping nook of the white catfish of Toyotamahime Shrine, who is considered as God of beautiful skin.
During the festival, the city center is flooded with mesmerizing illuminations in the evening, which literally warms up the whole atmosphere.
After exploring the festival, why not dip into the famous spa of Ureshino Onsen, and feel even more warmth?

17th Ureshino Attaka Festival - Nocturnal Art Gallery
Jan.28 - Feb.12 2017
Location: Onsen Park, Ureshino main thoroughfare, Ureshino city gymnasium
Contact: Ureshino Onsen Turism Bureau, Tourist Information Center Telephone: 0954-42-0336


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