Nakamura Keith Haring Collecgtion is an art museum chosen by the book
"101 things to do in Japan".
Aiming foreign tourists, the book is linked up by
Japan Tourism Agency and enterprises.

With the theme of "World of Keith Haring~from Chaos to hope~",
Nakamura Keith Haring Collecgtion is the first art museum in the world that only exhibits
the collection of Keith Haring. The purpose of the museum is not only to exhibit the
valuable work of Keith Haring, but also to sense the message from him.
Designed by architect Kitagawa Atsushi, the musuem creates a space of"light and shadow".

Based on the thought and belief of Keith Haring,
all the visitors of the museum can feel the energy of "Hope" and "Dream"
through the exhibition of the Museum director's collection.

The musuem is surround by the the natural environment full of green at the base of Mount Yatsugatage,
which is also a place used to witness the height of Jomon culture.

The "vitality" implicated in the work of Keith Haring, the "Engery" generated from the nature of Mount Yatsugatage,
and the "vatality" contained in the remains of Jomon Period, the "great enegy " and "pure sensitivity"
that unerling in all these three factors make the museum chosen.

Please also enjoy the design of the space and the outward appearance of the museum designed by
Mr. Kitagawara,a wellknown architect in Japan.


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