Japan’s highest altitude railway line, the JR Koumi line connects Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture with Komoro City in Nagano Prefecture, via the Yatsugatake Mountains. Departing from Kobuchizawa station, the scenic views of the majestic Mt. Kaikoma seen from the train windows are simply magnificent. Heading onwards through surrounding rice fields, the route makes stops along the way at Kai-koizumi, Kai-Oizumi and Kiyosato stations.
In 2007, the KiHa E200 hybrid train was introduced for the route, consisting of just two carriages.
Whatever the time of year, the highlights of the season’s natural beauty can be strongly felt, with charming pink cherry blossom in springtime, fresh verdure in summer, stunning reds in autumn and snow-scenes in winter, making for unrivalled photo opportunities.


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