Mankiya is a ramen shop located in a nice spot just two minutes if walking away from the Sukumo Station. Ramen is one of Japan's most representative dishes.
Mankiya is popular with the men and women of all ages who live in Sukumo city.
If you visit during daytime, you can see the broad quality of customers who visit the place, such as couples, parents and children, old spouses, etc.
Mankiya's most redeeming qualities are its noodles, roasted pork fillets, gyoza, and fried rice.
- The noodles are homemade with local wheat.
- The roasted pork fillets are thick and possess a nice grilled fragrance. When you bring them to your mouth, the sweetness of the oil will spread within it.
- The gyoza dumplings are crunchy on the exterior and when you put them in your mouth, the taste of meat and vegetables will fill it.
But the best part is the Misodare that accompanies at the table.
Its contents are a trade secret, but it most likely is made with miso, garlic and sesame seeds.
The slight sweetness of miso makes a perfect match with the taste of the gyoza.
- It is no exaggeration to give the Chinese fried rice the quality of "Royal". Simple is best.
A nice oil and salt seasoning, along with the falling grains of rice. It carries an excellent taste that lets you perceive the eggs and green onions.

Opening hours: 11:00 to 2:30, 17:00 to 21:00
Closed on: Thursdays
We also have a sister shop in Nakamura (Shimanto city), so make sure to stop by when you visit the area.


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