Wakayama Ramen is locally called "Chinese noodle" and is a soul food to the locals. Thin straight noodle in the soup from pig bone and soy sauce is the specialty. The soup makes the best combination of pork bone juice and soy sauce. The basic ingredients are roast pork, menma (a Japanese condiment made from lactate-fermented bamboo shoots), welsh onion and kamaboko (fishjelly products).
There are more than 100 ramen shops in the city including famous shops that won the best prize in Japan on TV programs and hidden famous shops for the locals. There are characteristic differences for each shop. The one shop that makes pork bone tastes strong and the other shop makes soy sauce strong flavor, so please visit various shops and find your favorite flavor.
Many shops serve boiled eggs and Hayazushi together on their table. Hayazushi, which is a sushi wrapped in leaves with salted mackerel goes well together with Wakayama ramen. When you pay, you have to declare what you ate is the unique rule of Wakayama Ramen.

Wakayama City Tourism Association: http://www.wakayamakanko.com/eng/gourmet/gourmet1.html