The first firefly boat in Japan will operate at Toyota-cho, Shimonoseki! Toyota-cho is a mountain town in Simonoseki and is rich in nature.

In this town, the firefly watching of Koya river is popular as an early summer tradition. The boat will go among the thousands of fireflies flying around and their lights are reflected on the water. It will be a fantastic experience.

The trip takes about 25 minutes and is operated 9 times per day. (Maximum 23 passengers on a boat and 207 people per day)

The meeting place is Hotarukaido Nishinoichi Rest Area. There is a parking space enough for 5 large buses. The firefly boat can take maximum 23 passengers, so the trip is recommended for a small group.

Please make a booking in advance, otherwise you have to be in a draw to get a seat on the trip.
The reservation will start around January for travel agents and around May for the public. Please ask for more details.

There also will be a firefly festival!
More than 100 stalls, stage events, firefly bus tour will also operate.

Firefly Festival in Toyota: Sat May 27, 2017 Firefly Evening
Sat June 3, 2017 Firefly Festival

There is The Firefly Museum of Toyota Town close by and you can learn about fireflies for just about 30 minutes.

Fireflies are living only in places where the water is clean.
Why don’t you come and feel the nature of Japan at Shimonoseki.


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