What is the Nunobashi Kanjou ceremony?

In the Edo period, women were not allowed to climb Mt. Tate – a pursuit associated with spiritual salvation for men. In response to this, women embarked on a ceremonious procession, following a different route that involved crossing over a bridge – considering it their own special pathway to spiritual salvation.
Taking place just once every three years, this year the procession will take place on the 24th of September.

~The bridge as a symbol of spiritual self-renewal~

Upon setting foot on the bridge, the women, blindfolded and dressed in white kimonos (symbolising death), are believed to enter a spiritual realm, from which they are then reborn upon stepping off the bridge at the other side. It is an occasion of great solemnity and profound significance for all who participate.
Only women may participate in the procession, but everyone is free to watch, and as such a rare event, it is certainly is a must-see for visitors to Toyama Prefecture.

<Nunobashi Kanjou-kai>
When: 24th September 2017
Where: Toyama-ken, Tateyama-cho, Nunobashi
Enquiries: Tateyama Tourist Association - 076-462-1001