In the Edo period, religious pilgrims who climbed Mt. Tate were served Ashikura Gozen – a special dish served at the nearby Ashikuraji Temple.
Along with Mt. Fuji and Mt. Haku, Mt. Tate is one of Japan’s ‘big three’ mountains, and has been considered a sacred place of pilgrimage for many hundreds of years - flourishing at the start of the 8th century CE and reaching its peak in the 17th century (Edo period).
Today, the Ashikuraji area retains much of its ‘sacred mountain’ past - Ashikura Gozen itself being a perfect example of this.
The sacred dish can be still be enjoyed by visitors to the Ashikura Furusato Kouryukan hall, where to this day it is freshly and lovingly cooked by locals themselves.

<Ashikura Gozen> ※ Advance reservations are required
Where: Ashikura Furusato Kouryukan Toyama-ken, Nakashinagawa-gun, Tateyama-cho, Ashikuraji Temple 55-1
Open: Fridays, weekends & national holidays 10:00~16:00 (free entry, closed from December to March)
Reservations: 076-482-1756