A place steeped in folklore, the Togariyama mountain has been associated with monsters and unknown creatures since long ago. The mountain’s remarkable triangular shape has contributed to its associations with the fantastical, and it is also known by the name ‘nihon-no-piramiddo’ – ‘Japan’s pyramid’.
There are also countless stories of UFO sightings on the mountain, with some people even believing the mountain to have been built by extra-terrestrials as a take-off and landing point for their spacecraft! Due to magnetic anomalies at the mountain summit, compasses are also known to malfunction, making it a truly mysterious place as well as a tourist hot-spot.
The 559 metre mountain summit can be reached in just over 90 minutes via man-made mountain paths. From the summit, its panoramic views of Mt. Tate to the east and the Toyama plains to the west are simply stunning to behold.

<About Togariyama> ※Since mountain paths may be muddy, sturdy footwear is recommended
Location: Toyama-ken, Nakashinagawa-gun, Tateyama-cho, Tochizu (1300 metres from Yokoe station)
Duration: about 1 hour 35 minutes ascent/1 hour descent
Summit height: 559m