"Jōganji Riverside Park" is a park that uses the riverbed of the Jōganji River flowing from the Tateyama mountain range. About 500 cherry trees are planted at the embankment road and in the park. It is popular as a cherry blossoming site. The cherry blossom and the magnificent Tateyama mountain range behind create the best scenery!

In the park, as well as having beautiful cherry blossoms, there is a large square with various playground equipment and specialized grounds for baseball, tennis, soccer and rugby.

The cherry blossom festival is held at Jōganji Riverside Park until April 16th. On the street of the cherry blossom trees, paper lamps are hanging and you can enjoy cherry blossoms viewing in the evening. (Depending on weather conditions)

Date: Saturday, March 25th - Sunday, April 16th
Last Year’s Flowering Date: March 30th
Last Year’s Fully Bloom Date: April 3rd
Types of cherry trees: Yoshino Cherry (prunus yedoensis), Satozakura (prunus lannesiana) Approx. 500 trees
Venue: A part of the embankment of Jōganji Riverside Park, Rita, Tateyamamachi, Nakaniikawagun, Toyama #930-0275
Access: By train, 30 mins on foot from Etchū-Sangō Station on Toyama Chihō Railway, Main Line.
By car, 10 mins from Hokuriku Expressway Tateyama exit.
Parking: available for 800 cars (free of charge)