Many fishermen catch popular targets like migratory fish such as yellowtail and bonito in Sukumo Bay all year around because of its warm temperature.
Oval squid is the popular target of many fishermen and is called “Moika”.
Because oval squid spawns onto seaweed (algae) such as zostera marina, sargassum fulvellum, ecklonia cava in shallow water in spring, it is called “Moika”, “squid be with algae” (mo is alagae and ika is squid in Japanese).
There are various ways to catch Moika, but mainly lure fishing using an artificial bait or live bait fishing using a horse mackerel.
For lure fishing, they use a bait log (Egi in Japanese), which is a Japanese ancient traditional bait. It is a popular way to fish for young people and is called “eging”.
For live bait fishing, there are “yaen” tackle and "swimming tackle", many fishermen also love this way.
Unlike ‘eging’, live bait fishing can be more relaxing and enjoyable, because it is not necessary to move the rod. It is also said there is more chance to catch super large 3-4 kg fish with live bait.
At Sukumo Bay in Sukumo City, there are many fishing ports facing South, West and North. There are fishing rafts, beaches inside the bay and isolated islands like Okinoshima island and Urugushima island, so the environment is ready for various types of demands from fishermen.

Sukumo City Tourist Association has experience programs, for which you are not required to bring your equipment. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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