For traveling around Sukumo city and surrounding areas, Sukumo City Tourist Association started renting real road bikes.
Please hire this road bike and enjoy more nature, food, history and culture at Sukumo!

We also offer excursion and cycling route to go around the historical cultural sites, tourist facilities, accommodations with "Shikoku Kochi Bakumatsu Ishin Haku"(expo.) started in March 2017.

Any Citizen or tourist can use this real road bike with ease (road bike is only available for experienced bikers). Please do not hesitate to hire a bike.
The price and how to rent the bike are as follows.

· Place: Sukumo City Tourist Association, 1-703 Ekimaecho, Sukumo (inside Sukumo Station)
· Reservation is required at Sukumo City Tourist Association.
· Fill in an application form at Sukumo City Tourist Association on the day of hire. (Present ID such as driver's license, health insurance card, student card, etc.)
· Price: 2,000 yen for 1 road bike rental (tax included)
· Sukumo City Tourist Association will issue Sukumo Excursion Road Bike Permit. (Agreement to rules and regulations)
· Opening Hours: basically 9 am - 5 pm, final hire before 4 pm
Return within opening hours to Sukumo City Tourist Association.
· Available Date: All year round, except New Year’s Holiday
· Area allowed for usage: Within Hatagun (Sukumo, Shimanto, Tosashimizu, Otsukicho, Miharamura) and Ainancho


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