A summer tradition beloved by the locals of Kishu, the Nichizengu Shrine Takigi Noh Theater is held within a mystical space where holy flames burn in a bonfire. As its tranquility and movements unfold into the dusk and reach their climax, the members of the audience are fascinated and taken into the world where the gods inhabit.
Known as "Nichizengu", this grand shrine has gathered the faith of the people since ancient times, and it is composed by both Hinokuma Shrine and Kunikakasu Shrine. It is known for granting blessings of good matching, marriage and safety for one's family.

Date and time: Held on July 26th, at 18:30
*Entrance is free. Issuing of numbered tickets will start on July 1st at the shrine office. Only available to the first 600 visitors who arrive.
Place: Within the grounds of Nichizengu Shrine (365 Akizuki, Wakayama, Wakayama Prefecture)
Inquiries: Phone: 073-471-3730