The Itami Morning Marché is held on Sunday once every month between 8 and 11 in the morning at the Sangendera-mae plaza. This marché event aims to create a space where people of all ages can gather and have a fun time. Filled with delicious Japanese, Western and Chinese breakfasts, flowers, vegetables, accessories and miscellaneous goods! There are also live shows by musicians, picture story shows, handicraft workshops, hula dancing, and everyone gathering to enjoy the event.

Date & Time: May 14th (Sun) 8:00-11:00 (Cancelled in case of rain)
Place: Sangendera-mae plaza (3 Chome-2-4, Chuo, Itami city)

Coffee/Bread, Coconut chicken curry, Indian cooking, Gapao rice/Drink, Chicken momo yaki, Meat dishes, Coffee/Potatoes, Coffee/Egg sandwich, Sandwich/Baked sweets, Fried bean curd pizza/Soup, Chicken over rice, Bread/Drink, Donuts, Miscellaneous accessories, Handmade miscellaneous goods, Vegetables/Eco-craft, White bread/Stuffed bread/Sweet bread, Roasted (sweet) potatoes, Western-styled clothes shop, Used books, Other


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