“Iwakura Temple station” – an old station built in 1921. “Iwakura Temple station” is a manned stop in Tateyama-cho, Arakawa-gun, Toyama, stopping through Alpen route of Tateyama-Kurobe. Hafu (Mountain fold board) imitated like shrine is set around the roof of the station and wooden bench inside the building remained with old atmosphere. The elegant station is designated to the Toyama modern historic legacy top 100. In 2007, additionally, it was used as a filming location of a movie “Mt.Tsurugi Ten-no-Ki.” Drop by Oyama shrine (Zenritsu-Shadan) from the station 10 minutes by walk!

Address: Iwakura-ji 105-4, Tateyama-cho, Naka-Arakawa-gun, Toyama
Access: Toyama railway Tateyama line and Kamidaki line (Fujietsu・Kamidaki line)

Address: Iwakura-ji 1, Tateyama-cho, Naka-Arakawa-gun, Toyama