“Wide area of Toyama, Clean center observation room” overseeing Grand Tateyama mountain range and Toyama Plain. The clean center of wide area of Toyama is an incineration plant with chimneys and observation room 80m from the ground settled. You can see 360° panorama view with opening the door at the observation room at 9th floor via elevator from the entrance of observation tower. With the beautiful scenery, you will see Toyama streets, Toyama Bay, Noto Island, Tateyama mountain range and isolated dwelling of Tateyama-cho in case of sunny day.

Opening date: Every day except Year-end and new year holidays(12/29~1/3)
Opening hours: 9:00~17:00
Address: Suesanga 103-3, Tateyama-cho, Arakawa-gun, Toyama
Fee: Free No need of reservation
Website: www.toyama-kouiki.jp/youtube