The Tateyama Croquettes are made with highly nutritious taro made in Tateyama, Toyama Prefecture.
There are two kinds of Tateyama Croquettes. The bag-like ones are miso flavored, while the round ones are sweet bean jam croquettes.
The miso flavored croquettes are made with locally produced rice and soy beans. The inside is filled with minced pork meat and melted cheese. After taking a single bite you will feel the cheese starting to dissolve inside your mouth, and the more you chew the more its flavor and the fragrance of taro will spread within your mouth. You will never get tired of tasting this relieving and nostalgic flavor.
The bean jam croquettes are the sweeter kind. The sweetness of the bean jam has been passed down by the mothers of the region. It manages to not overdo it and create a perfect match with the flavor of taro. This unusual combination is the responsible for the popularity of the bean jam croquettes, which are loved by many regardless of gender or age.
The secret of the Tateyama Croquettes can be found in the soil of Tateyama town. The region of Tateyama is blessed with porous hardened lava that is capable of enhancing the taste of taro. How about visiting the Tateyama Croquette restaurant?