Etchū Seto-Yaki is pottery made in Seto district of Tateyamamachi and is one of the traditional crafts representing Toyama prefecture. This place is also called "Home of Etchū Seto-Yaki".
Etchū Seto-Yaki village, Uwazue has rich clay and has one of the oldest kilns baked Sue pottery since the beginning of the Heian period.
Over 30 kilns including Hikoemon, Kojirō, Sonshi, Ichiemon, Chōhachi and others continued their pottery until the late Edo period. However, due to abolition of the han system and floating porcelain by Meiji Restoration, the Etchū Seto-Yaki pottery gradually became less important. In the early Shōwa period, the local volunteers established Seto-Yaki preserve association and revived the pottery production.
Etchū Seto-Yaki is made of high-quality clay collected in this area. The design is nice and simple, so attract many people. Co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs also loved it so much.
You can also try making this wonderful Etchū Seto-Yaki. Make your own pottery at Tateyama's "Tōnōkan".

Location: 31 Setoshin, Tateyamamachi, Nakaniikawagun, Toyama
Inquiries: 076-462-3929 (Please contact in advance to enroll in the pottery class)
Closed: Every Tuesday, the day following public holidays, New Year's Holiday (December 29 - January 3)
Opening hours: 9am-4pm