On April 1st, “Hachikin no Sato Energetic Country Ne-e-to”, the fresh products market opened on the first floor of Sukumo Sunnyside Park management building at Sukumo Roadside Station.
They sell citrus fruits such as Buntan and Konatsu from Sukumo, mountain vegetables such as bamboo shoots, Japanese knotweed and young fern, rice, vegetables, seafood products for soup stock and Tsukudani, also side dishes, lunch packs, and souvenirs in the shop. Great view of Sukumo Bay from the 1st floor of the building. You can buy your lunch and eat it while looking over the view. Tea and coffee are provided free of charge to customers purchasing in the shop. While watching the wonderful scenery, please enjoy handmade lunch by Hachikin Mothers.
It is perfect for taking a break for a while or passing by because of the good scenery and the convenient transportation. Please visit us.
"Hachikin" means "Amazonian women" in Tosa dialect. The local Hachikin mothers whose average age is over 70 years old are running this shop.
"Energetic Country Ne-e-to" is an NPO launched by the people in Sakanoshita district. Besides of the fresh product market opened today, Hachikin Mothers offer their homemade breakfast named “Attaka-morning” at 400 yen at their gathering place in Sakanoshita district on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month. It is very popular and you can enjoy the mothers’ heart.


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