Delicious food from Wakayama! Enjoy live music and performances with delicious food and drink during the event at Nishinomaru plaza in Wakayama castle! Pick one of your favorite drink and food at stands. Seeing the castle, you can have the best beer ever! There are Nagisa beer, a local beer of Shirahama-cho in Wakayama, Asahi beer, and Plum beer, which is good for a non-beer person from 500JPY for a drink. Various menu available like 300JPY for a food! Additionally, night live, of course, and Kishu Yosakoi big dance will be held in daytime on Saturday during the event. So much attractions! Drinking in lunch time! Enjoy the three days by lower cost and high performance!
Sponsorship Gi-FACTORY Takahashi TEL 080-6169-0507