The Nasushiobara City Summer Campaign is starting!!
The largely acclaimed annual Nasushiobara City Summer Campaign will kick off on July 1st (Saturday). During the summer campaign, guests staying with a certain special plan in any of the participating establishments within Shiobara Onsen and Itamuro Onsen will receive free original towels featuring Hello Kitty and Miruhi, the official mascot character of Nasushiobara city! Not only that, the first arriving visitors will also be presented with lunchboxes, pouches and more! (Goods may vary according to the lodging plan)
Additionally, the remodeled Totebasha sightseeing horse carriages and the campaign original photography spots available during the summer campaign will surely make a fun trip for children!
Be sure to visit the radiant greenery of Nasushiobara on your summertime travels.

Nasushiobara Tourism Organization homepage:


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