【Shosenkyo Senga-taki Light-up】
◆◇Senga-taki water fall will illuminate with the fantasy lights ◇◆
“Senga-taki” is a water fall of 30-meter-height and one of the most scenic spots of Shosenkyo, Japan's most beautiful valley.
This Senga-taki water fall will be lit up.
Duration: August 4 (Fri) to August 15 (Tue) 2017 until 9p.m.
※ Lit up every day during the whole period.
Venue: Senga-taki water fall at Shosenkyo
Note: Since the walkway from the car park to Senga-taki water fall will be dark, please bring your own torch etc. and take care on the way. Walking shoes are also recommended because of the slippery walkway.

【Shosenkyo Wanpaku Plaza】
◆◇ Enjoy the nature of the clear river flowing through Shosenkyo ◇◆
Join the event of catching a trout and jewel hunting at the Arakawa river flowing through Shonsenkyo. Admission fee 500 yen per parson applies. Recommended especially for children.
Duration: July 22 (Sat) to August 20 (Sun) 2017, 11a.m – 3p.m
※ cancelled with rain and river flooding
Venue: Arakawa river side in front of Takanari Car Park, Senga-taki, Shosenkyo
Note: Please bring dry clothes to change since you will get wet.


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