One of the attractions of the Kofu castle remains (Maizuru castle park) is to see the stone walls that were built in a different method all at the same time.
The wall built, using an old technique called "Nozurazumi", made from natural stones and rough cut stones. Because of the various size and irregular shape of stones, the gap between the stones are large and made the wall look unstable.
However, the wall built using a different technique called “Kirikomihagi” has less gaps between the stones, since the rectangular shaped stones are stacked close together. It was built about 100 years after the other part of the wall.
You can obviously see the difference due to the advancement of the technology as well as the place where the stones were cut in the castle remains.

There are places among the stone wall where large stones called ‘kagamishi’ are buried. People call these stones ‘kagamiishi’, because they are thin like a mirror. These ‘kagamiishi’ also show technical and economic power apart from decoration of the wall.

Please come and see the stone wall of Kofu castle remains where you can appreciate the technology of the history.


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