The most exciting Summer event of water discharge viewing at “Kurobe Dam” started on July 26th this year!

Kurobe Dam completed in 1963 by a total of 10 million people after about 7 years’ effort and is 186m in height and 492m in length. It is Japan’s largest arched dome overflow dam and a first-class dam in the world. The view of the water more than 10t per second cascading down is very powerful. If the sun passes in the right direction in the morning, you can also see the Kurobe Dam with a rainbow.

There is Ushiro-Tateyama in the east and Tateyama mountain range in the west of Kurobe Dam, visit and relax watching the rich nature of the Northern Alps while walking along the dam’s bank.
※The photo shows Kurobe Dam water discharge sight in the past

Address: Tateyamamachi, Nakaniikawagun, Toyama
Access: Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Short walk from Kurobe Cable Car Kurobeko Station
Period: June 26 - October 15
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