If you purchase local products of Tateyama Town over ¥3,000 from designated shops, you can get a special Furoshiki wrapping cloth, from July 1st! You can find the designated shops that display the poster.

Tateyama Town is known as the international mountain sightseeing spot "Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route". The local products of the town are also well valued. Not only the locals but also people from outside the prefecture order a lot! There are many specialty products of Tateyama Town, rich and tasty "100% La France (pear) Juice", velvety and fluffy "Tateyama Chiffon", crispy and delicious "Kanmochi" etc.

Since July 1, we have given Furoshiki, designed by Chiba Institute of Technology and produced by Tateyama Town, for people who purchase more than ¥3,000! We made this Furoshiki to achieve “wrapping our local products with the special Furoshiki makes our products a special gift”. This promotion will end, when we run out of Furoshiki.

Designated shop list: http: //www.town.tateyama.toyama.jp/attach/EDIT/003/003744.pdf
Related Link: http: //www.shokokai.or.jp/16/1632310000/index.htm#sin39420 (Tateyama Funahashi Commerce and Industry Association)