Enjoy picking pear from 25th July to the middle of October at “Nakamura Orchard Fruitelie” in Fujiyama-cho, Kurume city. The third and fourth generation Nakamuraya of 90 year’s pear production carefully and dearly grow pear, which has soft sweetness for so much sunshine. So juicy, so crispy. Come to “Fruitelie” – a fruit atelier.
Nakamura Orchard Fruitelier
714 Fujiyama-cho, Kurume city
【Time】 9:00~17:00
【Closed】Wednesday(it will be the following day, if it is national holiday) 
【Fee】Over middle school students:1,000JPY(including 2 or 3 fresh pears depending on the varieties)
Elementary school students:500円(including 1 or 2 fresh pears depending on the varieties)
 ※You can buy the picked fresh pear for 600 yen per 1 kg.
・Kousui →  Housui  → Akizuki → Nitaka  → Shinkou
Pione can be picked from the 1st to the end of August.(We will guide you to the grape orchard at the different place.)


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