【Experience Japanese traditional culture "Summer festival" at Hakone】

Hakone is famous as a hot spring resort near Tokyo. It is not only the place of the nature with a volcano which is a source of hot springs, but also lots of festivals and ceremonies are held from the old days in Summer. Therefore, it is a perfect place to experience the traditional culture that Japanese inherited a long time ago.
“Summer festival” in Hakone has a history of 1260 years. It is a valuable opportunity to experience Japanese traditional culture mainly at Hakone shrine where the famous warlords from ancient times have made their wishes. During the festival period, fireworks are launched every night and you can enjoy fireworks from pleasure boats. There are many activities at stalls as well. Since you can fully enjoy "festivals", many tourists within Japan as well as from overseas visit here. Many inns also rent Yukata, so please come and enjoy the Japanese "summer festival" in Hakone wearing Yukata.

For more details, please check the homepage "Hakone Zenzan", http://www.hakone.or.jp/en/


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