"KOFU × Sengoku BASARA Stamp Rally ~Follow the history of Takeda! ~"

This stamp rally is an event to collect stamps from the related places of a samurai Takeda Shingen in Yamanashi Prefecture including Kofu City then get an original goods.
The characters from the popular game “Sengoku BASARA” is used for the stamps and prizes, so this is a stamp rally not only for the fun of the game, but also for all generations.

We will also conduct a campaign using the free public wireless LAN "KOFU SAMURAI Wi-Fi" installed in Kofu city.
When you connect to the Wi-Fi from the designated facilities, you can earn the coupon for you to use in the facility and you can enjoy the sightseeing in Kofu.

While visiting Kofu and Yamanashi, take original goods available only in the area.

First term: Aug. 10 – Sep. 15, 2017 / Second term: Sep. 16 – Oct. 31, 2017
※The design of the stamps and prizes are different between the first term and the second term.

Inquiry: Kofu City Tourism Dep. Phone 055-237-5702
Details: http://www.kofushingen.jp/news/180


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