Bell of Flandre was donated to Ise-shi in 1990 to commemorate the 5th anniversary of cooperating as an international sister city with Hasselt, Belguim, and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ise-shi municipal organization.
Itami built a memorial tower in a square which is the west side of JR Itami Station. It is a place for locals to rest and surroundings look Western. There is a playing room in the upper part of the tower. 43 bells including big one and small one play 4 octaves music with keyboards
There are lightings inside so they make the street in front of JR Itami beautiful at night.
It holds "Heiwa no Kane・Carillon Concert" on August 15th (War-end anniversary) every year, and there are some musical performances so locals enjoy music based on Belguim.


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    Hyogo Itami city

    Itami City Hotel

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    “HIKOMARU” items

    “Hikomaru” is a mascot character of Itami city as same as “Tamimaru.” In order to advertise Itami city, he has been flying to all the parts of Japan with many information. Wit...

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    Hyogo Itami city

    “TAMIMARU” items

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