On August 26th, "Tatayama Don Don Festival" full of fun will be held in Tateyamamachi, Toyama Prefecture!

Tatayama Don Don Festival will celebrate the eleventh time. About 1,000 fireworks will be launched and it is said that this festival venue is the closest to the fireworks launching place in Japan! In addition, the venue "Green Park Yoshimine" is a play zone full of fun with natural hot springs, accommodation facilities, barbecue place and camping ground.

There will be an autograph session of Machida Midori this year, who is a comic artist from Tateyamamach and famous for “Yoko to yoshinani”, beside delicious gourmet booths and events!
Please come and visit us!

★ Date: Saturday, August 26
★ Opening hours: 5pm ~ 8:30pm (※ fireworks start at 7:30pm)
★ Venue: Green Park Yoshimine (12, Yoshiminenobiraki, Nakaniikawagun, Tateyamamachi, Toyama #930-1362)
★ Access:
① Train: 20 mins on foot from Toyama Chihō Railway "Iwakuraji Station"
② Free shuttle bus: available from Tateyamamachi office car park, Oyama Junior High School car park. The parking space at the venue is limited, so please use a shuttle bus.
★ Inquiry: Tateyama Funabashi Commercial and Industry Association Youth Dep. 076-463-1221