To go to Tateyama Station which is the gateway for International Mountain Sightseeing Site "Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route" by train, you definitely use "Toyama Region Railway Tateyama Line".
Around 1 million people come to Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route in a year. And "Yuki no Otani" is 20m high and it attracts many people every year. Actually, it has a lot of snow in Tateyama every year and it is famous in Japan. This town turns out white. Around this time, there are few people because it has a lot of snow, but for snow lovers, it is like a wonderland. You can enjoy Tateyama by train taking "Toyama Region Railway Tateyama Line"!

Also, there are videos which introduce snow views and sightseeing spots along the railway of "Toyama Region Railway Tateyama Line" so please check if you are interested in those!

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