Do you know "Makigari"?
"Makigari" is a hunt which many people chase a prey at the same time and military commanders shoot them dead.
Yorimoto Minamoto held "Nasuno Makigari" at Nasuno in 1193 and it is said there were 100,000 participants.
In 1994, It's been 800 years since "Nasuno Makigari" started. This festival has been held every year and this year too.
There would be a performance "Makigari Drum" which we can imagine the situation of makigari, a show called "makigari show" which uses real horses, and "makigari pod" which uses the 2.2m pod and it has a lot of food such as meat, vegetables, and mushrooms.
Why don't you eat pod in Nasu Shiobara which many people from the past might eat?

10/21, 2017 Sat 9:30〜15:00 Celemoney of Taisho Pod
10/22, 2017 Sun 9:00〜15:00 Nasuno Makigari Festival
Avenue 22nd:Nasu Shiobara Station West Exit Park 23rd:Naka River Exercise Park

Nasuno Makigari Executive Committee Buruau(Nasu Shiobara-shi Industry and Sightseeing Buruau)
TEL 0287-62-7154


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