Clear water and fresh air at the foot of Yatsugatake, you can experience the harvest of blueberries. Because of the wide range of altitude in Yatsugatake Tourism Zone, you can enjoy picking blueberries for a long period. Each plantation cultivates various kind of blueberries. Finding your favorite type of blueberry is enjoyable while tasting and comparing small blueberries or bigger ones, sweet ones or acidic ones. You can pick them on the spot and eat as many as you can, and of course you can take them home. Pick a lot and make jam, use for confectionary and cooking, even eat fresh ones. Once you freeze them, you can keep them for a long time. Domestically produced blueberries are brought up carefully and are delicious. If you ask a blueberry farmer about different types and how to eat them, they can tell you a lot.
Blueberries have rich polyphenols and are good for your health. Between June to August, please visit blueberry plantations in Yatsugatake Tourism Zone to enjoy the picking experience.

【Experience Location】 Hokutoshi Akenocho, Takanecho, Nagasakacho / Fukamicho, Nagano / Haramura


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