”Nunobashi Kanjoe” once every 3 years ceremony will be held on Sunday, September 24.

In Edo period, women were not allowed to visit Holy Tateyama mountain, so they crossed the red painted Nunobashi Bridge while being blindfolded wearing white clothes, wishing peaceful death and rebirth. It is unusual ceremony in Japan. The number of participants of this ceremony is limited, after the ceremony, the bridge is open for the public and anyone can cross the bridge. Please participate on the day on the spot.

Date: September 24, 2017 10AM -12:30PM (weather permitting)
Venue: Tateyama Museum, Nunobashi bridge Ashikuraji, Tateyamamachi, Toyama
※Car park is NOT available on the day.
※There are free shuttle buses from Sengaki Station Toyama Local Line and Gokurakuzaka Parking Area. Time table for the free shuttle bus: http://goo.gl/7snw9M

Registration: 10:00 am – 11:45 am (Public crossing start from 1 pm and anyone can participate)
Fee: ¥2,000
Souvenir: Tin Badge, Talisman, Blindfold Cloth (prepared for 250 people)
A special boarding ticket on the day will be on sale at Toyama Station.
More details: http://goo.gl/tFs9EG