Every year on November 3rd (Culture Day Holiday), the Hakone Daimyo’s Procession is held. Lead by feathery spears, the Daimyo cage, the teppotai, the okujochu and many more make up the 170 members that march gallantly in line as they chant “Shitani, Shitani”. This march across the Yumoto hot spring town is Hakone’s biggest event.
This event started back in 1935 (Showa 10) and was suspended during the Pacific War, but after the war it was scheduled to continue to be held on November 3rd every year. It takes about 5 to 6 hours to go around the Hakone, Yumoto area, and over the course, the performers will entertain sightseers with dances and songs such as the folkloric “Hakone Umago Uta”.
The splendorous Daimyo’s Procession is a reminiscent of the Edo period alternating residence tradition, and is a gigantic picture scroll that brings color to Culture Day.

Hakone Yumoto Tourist Association
TEL: 0460-85-7751
URL: http://www.hakoneyumoto.com/


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