It is a staying plan to stay “Ubako hot spring Ashinoko Ichi-no-yu” located 5 minutes on foot, and to feel free to fish pond smelt next day. The pond smelt at Ashinoko is so delicious that it is high quality fish to present the Imperial Household Agency in 1st October every year, lifting the ban on gill nets’ fishing. The season of fishing pond smelt, designated as “fish of Hakone-cho”, is from September to November. It is one of popular activity in autumn outing season of colored leaves.

 Ubako hots spring Ashinoko Ichi-no-yu
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【Date of Staying】
 1st October~30th November, 2017 
【Pre-booking period】
Until 16th November, 2017
【Accommodation charge(one room for 2 guests)】
1 night 2 meals +fishing pond smelt:Adults 10,950 yen(including tax), Children(the age 4~12)3,240 yen(including tax)
【How to book】
Book via Ichi-no-yu Official website “Tomo-no-kai special plan”
【Movie URL】


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