On November 5, "Momiji Tea Ceremony" was held at " Kyōsanbō", which is a garden chosen as a Toyama’s scenic spot.

Kyōsanbō is one of two inns remaining at Ashikuraji Temple in Tateyama Town, Toyama Prefecture. It seems to be built in the late Edo Period. They have Momiji Tea Ceremony every November. In the quiet beautiful garden, I enjoyed great tea and conversation with other guests, while enjoying the colourful red and yellow leaves. I spent only about one hour, but I could totally relax with the autumn scenery and local people there. I felt like being in my own hometown.

Kyōsanbō is next to the Tateyama Museum and you can enjoy the history and nature of Tateyama all year around not only in the autumn leaves season. While walking around and taking some pictures, the temperature gradually dropped, so I headed to the "Ashikura Furusato Exchange Centre" (Tateyama's local cuisine is offered) and had a warm Zenzai (sweet red bean soup), that was how I ended my day. If you would like to relax, or like taking pictures, please visit " Kyōsanbō".

※ Entry is free of charge. An advance application is necessary to use the facility.
Address: 93-1 Ashikuraji, Tateyamamachi, Nakaniikawagun, Toyama #930-1406 (next to the Tateyama Museum)
Inquire: 076-481-1216 (Tateyama Museum)