Located between the cities of Nasushiobara and Yaita, Sukkan-zawa river gorge is known for the bright ‘acid blue’ colour of its waters. Its name is even derived from its acidic taste (‘su’ means ‘acid’ in Japanese).
In the summer months, both the waterfall’s beautiful blue colour and its high content of negative ions make it especially cooling and refreshing to visitors.
In winter, by contrast, the falls become encased under a blanket of ice and snow, creating the breath-taking spectacle of a glistening, fairy-tale world - making ice trekking an extremely popular choice of leisure activity.
If you’d like to try, why not sign up to ZACK – an outdoor pursuits organisation offering SUP (stand up paddling) and canyoning, etc., all among the natural surroundings of beautiful Shiobara.
Both group and private sessions are available, making it ideal for photographers.

URL: http://shiobara-zack.net/
TEL: 0287-48-7539
email: info@shiobara-zack.net


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