At Hamanomiya Beach in Wakayama, you can enjoy stand-up paddle (commonly known as SUP), which is a water sport paddling while standing on the board. It is surprisingly stable and anyone can enjoy it. You can train your trunk with this experience while enjoying the thrill and feeling of being free. Since a skilled coach will train you, you will be able to ride in the end and may feel an accomplishment and achievement, even if you cannot do well in the beginning.

〇 Venue
KAZE (983 Kemi, Wakayama)

〇 Course Content
Fee: 3,500 yen / person (including tax), Duration: about 2 hours
※ Also available for Groups (about 20 people)
※ Cancellation with bad weather
※ 11 years old and above

〇 Contact (reservation is required two days in advance)
Tel: 073-447-1545

〇 HP