You can experience the seine fishing while feeling the sea breeze at the sandy beach of Waka-no-Ura, which is certified as a Japanese heritage site. After the fishing, you can eat the fish you caught (great amberjack, mackerel, octopus, etc.) on the spot such as a great amberjack in Sashimi (raw), its head and guts grilled with salt, octopus in Sashimi or chopped. Mackerel is good grilled with salt, called “Zankoku-yaki” (Meat dishes are also available on our menu for customers with fish allergy.)

○ Schedule of experience (on the day)
Meet at Kataonami Beach
⇒ Seine Fishing experience (about 30 to 40 minutes)
⇒ After fishing experience, a fresh fish barbecue for lunch ※ breakup after lunch
⇒ Fishing Experience about 30 minutes + BBQ 60 minutes

○ Business days (Note: Reservation is required)
Every day from April 1 to November 30
※ We may cancel due to weather condition such as typhoons.

○ Fee
One seine fishing net 70,000 yen (excluding tax).
※ 20 to 120 people can use one seine net.
※ BBQ is charged separately. Adult: 1800 yen / person (excluding tax), Child: 1500 yen / person (excluding tax)
※ Rental BBQ 15,000 yen / unit (excluding tax) ※1 unit for 30 to 40 people

○ Reservation and Inquiries
Wakayama City Tourist Association
Address: 1-3 Wakayama
TEL: 073-433-8118