Dates: January 13th (Saturday) – January 28th (Sunday), 2018
(Venue closed on Mondays)
Place: Miyanomae Culture Village – Itami Gochokan
664-0895 Itami City Miyanomae 2-5-28
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 18:00 (last entry at 17:30)
~ No entrance fee ~

Sake brewing, an important part of Japanese culture, has been shaped throughout its history by the natural environment.

Japan’s sake brewing culture is thus a realm where the natural and human worlds meet. This exhibition explores these deep connections from the viewpoint of natural history, using as a backdrop two adjacent historical sites in Itami, which has long been known as a major brewing town: the Former Okada Residence and Brewery (Nationally Designated Important Cultural Property), and Former Ishibashi Residence (Prefecturally Designated Important Cultural Property).

The exhibition will focus on various themes within natural history through displays of specimens, models, and panel exhibits: the natural resources of water, rice, and yeast that are central to brewing; the evolution of the poaceae family of grasses to which rice belongs; the ecosystems and water circulation techniques crucial to rice cultivation; the ways in which the terrain and geological features specific to Hyogo Prefecture’s Hokusetsu Mountains contribute to producing groundwater well suited to sake production; and the biological process of fermentation. There will also be a collection of sake bottle labels and natural specimens taking a look at the animals, plants, and minerals with a symbolic association with sake.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition there will also be a number of seminars and craft workshops on the theme of sake and natural history.


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