Including Master course, world heritage site Takano Mountain and Nihutsume Shrine are very attractive and you can enjoy many cycling courses in Wakayama. You can register for 3 courses now so, please do it!

〇Festival Name
 Wakayama Cycling Festa 2018

 Mar 25, 2018(Sun)It will be held even if it rains.

 ①Takano Mountain Century Ride(About 151km)
 ・Capacity:380 people
 ・Fee:10,000 yen
 ②Gourmet Ride(About 63km)
 ・Capacity:460 people
 ・Fee:6,000 yen
 ③Cycling Debut Ride (About 8km)
 ・Capacity:100 people
 ・Fee:2,000 yen.
 ※The start and the end are Yakayama Marine City (Yakayama-shi)。

〇Entry Time
 Oct 24, 2017 (Tsu) - Jan 31, 2018 (Wed)  ※You can register from the URL